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Photography lessons

Learn Photography

Beginner level, intermediate level, and AdvancedLevel.

In the past few years Photography has really been evolving very quickly. With so many Smart-phones,Tablets and High End Affordable Cameras on the Market, Everybody has become a photographer.

But what is the Difference between a professional and Amateur Photographer? Is it just that One Makes a living at it and Owns Sophisticated equipment? Or is there more?

Could it be that learning how to operate the Camera is just the technical part of photography?

And that we cannot forget the Artistic side of creating a photo?

Whether you are photographing an inanimate Still object as in Product Photography, or Landscape such as during a vacation, or a person such as a portrait or wedding, there are Simple Principals both in the Mechanics of How to use your camera and How to Frame or Compose and image which may distinguish you as someone who is just a technician and someone who truly creates a memorable image.

I will first teach you the Rules of proper Photography, the Proper Iso, Shutter speed and F-stop and together we will explore through “Hands On” the three Basic Lights 1.Natural ambient light, 2. Overhead Attachable Flash and 3. Studio Flash. and then I will teach you the Art of photography!

I am a Published photographer who has a great deal of experience in Weddings (I have been flown to NY to photograph big weddings), Concert Photography ( I have photographed bands such as the Police, the Cure, the Jonas Brothers. Fashion shows , I have been on assignment to photograph  the Mercedes Benz fashion swim show 8 years in a row, and New York Fashion week Many times. I have worked as house photographer at Such high-end Restaurants in South Beach such as Baoli and STK.

My Classes are One on One and personal and tailored to your specific needs and situation. More importantly I will teach you the necessary skills to learn “how to survive” and find your “voice” in the overly saturated Photography Marketplace

Call me today and Schedule your first Lesson and start on your road to learning how the masters create Good and very Artistic Shots!

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